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In SAP project practice, many projects have set approval strategy for purchase requisitions, and the purchase requisition documents cannot be modified after the purchase requisition is approved. This is normal. After all, the documents have been approved and it is normal not to modify them.


In fact, business personnel are no longer allowed to modify the document once it was rejected by the approver in SAP system.


For example ,below purchase requisition document needs approval,


Now I reject this PR document using the transaction code ME54N,


Save it. SAP system prompt "Release refused" in the status bar.


Now I tried to change this PR document using transaction code ME52N, failed.

Since all the fields of this PR document cannot be changed. So this PR document basically should be abandoned, business user need to create a new PR document.



Therefore, in the process of SAP project implementation, we often suggest that business personnel do not reject the purchase requisition directly on the SAP system. If they think that the purchase requisition cannot be approved, they can notify the requestor of the purchase requisition to modify it and approve it after modification.



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