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Recruitment is a process/practice of finding and hiring the best qualified candidate from within or outside of an organization for a Job opening. Process involves various stages:

  • Job requirement analysis, Requisition creations and approvals
  • Job posting and Sourcing
  • Shortlisting applicants/candidates & interviewing
  • Screening & background checks
  • Offer generation & on boarding a new hire

Why Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are important for a Recruiting process?

  • Recruiting is one of the most important talent management functions in any organization as it directly impacts Organization revenue growth and profit margins

  • The entire recruiting process requires collaboration & co-operation among several roles and teams including Originator, Sourcer, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, 3rd party vendors for background checks etc and is often prone to delays impacting time to fill an open position and increasing the cost to hire. A deadline/SLA to meet can keep the team focused and motivated

Hence the need for Recruiting SLA is imminent to measure recruiting efficiency and keep everyone focused on the deadlines/SLA’s.

What SLAs can be defined at each recruiting stages to improve the effective-ness of the overall process?

  1. Time taken to fill the Requisition
  2. Time to hire specific job titles.
  3. Agreement with Hiring Manager for time taken to interview the candidate
  4. Setting up an agreement / SLA with the third party vendors for background checks
  5. Time taken for offer process & on boarding a candidate

Using SuccessFactors Online Report Designer(ORD) to generate Recruiting SLA reports.

Online Report Designer tool is available out of the box with SuccessFactors platform/Talent management module. ORD is a self-service reporting tool which helps in building reports to visualize the live data.

Value Propositions

  • Enhanced and easy to use UI to build reports
  • Formatting report data in various form
  • Pivot the data, list format reports, charts
  • Exportable in PDF, PPT, Word, Excel.
  • Support for scheduled reports and email distribution

Recruiting SLA Reports built using ORD

Below report displays the list view of applications which are in Offer Process Status and shows the total number of days an application in offer process. The data can be further used to build pivots, charts etc.

Below report displays the list view of applications which are in Initiate for Onboarding Status and has the number of days taken to onboard a candidate after offer generation

Pay Backs

  • Helps identify bottlenecks and take appropriate actions to speed up the recruiting process.
  • Helps streamline the process, resulting in hiring cost reduction.

Note: This blog is intended to understand how ORD can be leveraged to measure and represent process timeline/durations in a tangible way and define SLAs, helping SuccessFactors Recruiting customers improve the efficiency of Recruiting process.

ORD can also be used to build strategic reports on other SuccessFactors talent management modules including Onboarding, Learning, Succession, Goals & Performance, Compensation

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