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This piece would be helpful if you want to provide your vendors, customers or 3PL/4PL partners a user Interface to record result on your behalf for the Inspection characteristics for example physical condition of goods and other product parameters. You can even ask them to upload quality related documents.

They can record result without installing SAP GUI. What you have to do is to provide a Web URL or a particular Fiori App to them, thus limiting the information being provided.

We can think of many option but let us consider what SAP standard support / suggest

  1. If you are on HANA database, can use "Inspection Lot (ERP)" Fiori App

  2. If not on HANA database you can use functionality “Result recording on the Web”. (This area is less explored but I feel is a very good feature and a good alternative to Fiori).

This blog to discuss option 2 – “Result recoding on the Web”

One of the client I am supporting, does not have HANA so "Inspection lot " Fiori app cannot be used, I was exploring other options, and fortunately reached to this configuration node, that triggered my attention.

On further reading the documentation, it was clear that by setting up the system, an URL can be provided to the partners.

Providing URL can be achieved in two ways.

  1. By setting up Internet transaction service “QEW01” (the node mentioned in the above picture)

  2. By Webdypro application - QI_RECORD_RESULTS_ETI_APPL

Option 1 – ITS service QEW01

This ITS service was active before but is obsolete and has been replaced with WebDynpro application “QI_RECORD_RESULTS_ETI_APPL”. You can refer SAP note 2207278 and 2270126.

Option 2 – Webdypro application - QI_RECORD_RESULTS_ETI_APPL

This application is part of Web Dynpro component - RPLM_QI_REC_RES_ETI_COMP”

You can check the same by accessing transaction SE80, under "Repository Brower" select “Web Dynpro Comp. /Intf.” and then provide this component name, this application is visible in Web Dynpro applications.

When you double click on the application, its technical properties will be visible on the right hand side. In the administrative data tab, you can find the URL that can be called directly on the web browser

Role - Before accessing the URL, ask your security team to assign the following role - PFCG role for NWBC Quality Inspector (SAP_SR_QUALITY_INSPECT_5)

Access the URL - copy and paste the URL in the Brower and see if you are able to get the SAP logon screen. If not you have to check with basis team to setup the application.

When logged in, this is how the Application Interface will look like.

When clicked on selection, a screen will pop up, asking for the selection parameters.

Enter material, plant or any of the existing selection criteria to populate the lot.

You can even enhance your selection by drop down in further selection helps, so it given lot of selection options.

Based on the selection, lot will be displayed

Once selected particular lot and operation, click on “Record Results”

another screen will pop up, record the result for Inspection characteristics and "Save results"

Once you are ready with the result, the same can be transferred to SAP database using "Transfer"

There are other options available as well

"Export" – This will allow to export data to Microsoft excel,

"Set for processing" – If any Inspection characteristic need to "put in processing" from "processing is competed", it can be done using this.

Defects – Defects can be raised

Further down in the same screen, you can see the Graphic section, In the Graphic section, you can see the Run chart and result history






The inspection lot will show up with all the status, work center etc.

And another good part is your partner can even upload documents related against the inspection lot.

Web solution is bundled with lot of the functionalities. I hope this will ease the process and off - load some of the activities to partners and they  will directly enter details in the Inspection lot.

In the similar way there is a web-Dynpro application available for Quality Notification. I will try to cover it in next blog.

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