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This was a webcast earlier this month.  While you can review the road maps online, it always helps to have SAP explain it.  Below are my rough notes as I heard the webcast.

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Source: SAP

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

What do road maps look like? Recent innovations covers what is included in the 1809 shipment

Planned Innovations include end of 2019, 2020, 2021

Machine learning is tagged

Source: SAP

Big picture of S/4HANA

Screens run on any device

Fiori screens improve every release

Embed analytics in screens

Some screens have predictive functionality

Links to YouTube:


Source: SAP

Different road maps for S/4HANA and S/4HANA Cloud

This presentation covers on-premise system

Annual Releases for on-premise (on right)

Left covers S/4HANA Cloud

Runs on same code line

S/4HANA cloud is a preconfigured solution with quarterly updates

Allows for multi tenants

Source: SAP

Release schedule

Quarterly release for cloud

Now at 1902 for Cloud

1809 FPS 01 for on premise

Next big on-premise release is 1909 expected in September

Source: SAP

Machine learning - see more and more in S/4HANA releases

Embedded algorithms to automate and run software

Ship out of the box machine learnings and patterns

Some are built to predict things in the future

Automate steps

Some for augmentation - gives you recommendations

Pattern recognition - propose something

Programmed by SAP, define data model, to give you future recommendations - model is designed, could be regression

Customer takes his data from past, then train S/4HANA system, how work with in the past, and see machine learning on the right - predict when stock arrives, or recommendations to match goods receipt and invoice receipts

Some machine learning is inside S/4HANA

More complex machine learning - using external data (weather) can use the SAP Leonardo in SAP Cloud Platform

Source: SAP

In ECC, not much in analytics

In S/4HANA, offers analytics, such as a sales 360 view of the customer

MRP - you can simulate MD04

Finance - has predictions, sales volume and how it impacts the general ledger

Asset management - show me maintenance status of repairs

Blue area - functionality in S/4HANA but not in ERP - embedded extended warehouse management, PPDS

Portfolio Project Management

Finance has group reporting

Has light CRM functionality to cover CS scope

Green - new ATP, new capacity planning, new variant configuration and simulation

Orange - where introduce machine learning, including procurement - propose where you have better contracts

Propose material groups

Finance has a cash application for matching

Sales - predictive functionality - how likely quotes turn into orders

Predict stock in transit - when things arrive

Cloud icons - working on integration with cloud applications

Source: SAP

Highlight slide for LoB's

Combined FI & CO

Machine learning for GR/IR

Sales order prediction

*** 3 asterisks - sits outside of S/4HANA, such as SAP Cloud Platform

** 2 asterisks - need more licenses

Bottom includes includes roadmap for the future - predictive purchase order, financial planning cockpit and close cockpit

Harmonize settlement and allocations

Source: SAP

Physical add-ons are a "thing of the fast"

Advanced ATP - updates in 1809

Road map - for transportation management - will bring migration tools to move from old TM in ECC to S/4HANA

Role based KPI's for Shipping

More machine learning scenarios for supply chain

Source: SAP

New machine learning functionality delivered with 1809

Proposal for materials without contract

Propose material group assignment

Classify free text items

Seamless integration of Ariba Smart Buying (also in 1809)


Predictive functionality with supplier delivery

Procuring services with Ariba/Fieldglass "out of the box" like guided buying

Integrate contracts with supplier management

Source: SAP

Overview page for maintenance planners, key KPI's, new apps for reporting and processing, repairs

Integration with AIN, asset intelligence network

Geographic enablement - how many assets in a certain area from a map to S/4HANA

Coming - asset cost analysis, health and safety - integrate information from content providers - a better way to track dangerous materials

Source: SAP

Sales force, track leads, subscription order management

NLP - natural language process skills to interact - ask system by voice or keypad - ask in natural language

Road map - create sales order in Fiori - why so long? Think of VA01, on how many fields, tabs and variations and how you use it

Need to bring to Fiori world, adhere to Fiori design principles, slice and dice, more sequential, fully operational app

Cash application for contract accounting is planned for 2020

Source: SAP

This is a technical add-on

End of year, bring this into digital core and part of S/4HANA shipment

Striving for functional parity of CS module

Road map - machine learning scenario for ticket categorization


This is a lot to take in; SAP provided a good summary.  What are your thoughts?
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