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Hello Everyone,

In this blogpost, I intend to explain about “Realignment Run” for Customer Projects in S4 Cloud.

S4Cloud has only account based(margin analysis) COPA solution as you know. ACDOCA is the source table where all postings are being placed.

When we create a market segment characteristic, directly a column(custom characteristic) will be created on ACDOCA in backend.

With the help of Realignment Run feature, we can make changes on characteristics for object type EO-Profitability segment as expected .

Now just imagine the structure&design of ACDOCA table. For argument say we have created yy1_customer_type characteristic with using Business Context- Market Segment.

Then, yy1_customer_type will be added as column&field on ACDOCA table(related CDS views as well). That means even we don't use object type "EO-profitability Segment", we have this field !

Technically and also rationally it shouldn't be an issue to derive this field for other objects. Don't you think so?

This logic of ACDOCA table design offers some new and very powerful solutions to us as well


Now lets continue with how Realignment run works for also specifically customer projects(object type - PR) in S4Clooud.

When we do expense and revenue postings for “Customer Project” it flows with object typePR-Project” .

Object typePR” is for projects and object typeEO” means Profitability Segment.

But in cloud S/4HANA Profitability is active and we use this functionality to attribute profitability attributes for the postings on projects.

We can infer from that we can use some features of Profitability Analysis for also Customer projects. It provides us very valuable information and also brings flexibility to design reporting parameters for Customer Projects scenarios like as using Profitability Segment.

Normally “Realignment Run” is related with “Profitability Analysis” but also can work with “Customer Project” with the help of ACDOCA table.

What does that mean?

We created an additional field “Customer Type” on customer master data.

Also we created similar field as a characteristic on “Market Segment”.

So we created 2 custom fields . One is for Customer Master Data and the second is characteristics for “Market Segment”. We can create 60 additional Market Segment characteristic and can be used for Customer project as well !

Then we made a substitution between “Customer Type” on Customer MD and “Customer Type” on Market Segment.

For example before we use this field, some old postings happened on our Projects. (object type is PR as we remembered)

Now we added “Customer Type” and would like to update old postings, transactional data related with Customer Projects.

Realignment Run;

We use "Run Realignment - Profitability Analysis" app to derive characteristics for posted data.

We only flag "Rederivation of ACDOCA Chars for Attributed Line Items" line.

We run the Realignment Run, and you can see Market Segment Report as below;

Customer Type(Custom Field) was being filled with using “Realignment Run”


I hope, you enjoyed this overview of Realignment Run for Customer Projects. In this blog I try to show how realignment run works for customer Projects specifically.

It is same logic on S4HANA - 'activate derivation of items without profitability segment' customizing with the help of ACDOCA table Design.

it will be quiet easy to reach Profitability attributes for other objects.

This strong solution will change our reporting and controlling design approach deeply... 🙂

Thank you

Resul Simsek

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