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You've probably heard about the standard "Overview Pages" that comes in S/4, haven't you? If not, please get the background here. To get a technical definition "The overview page (OVP) is a data-driven SAP Fiori app type and floorplan that provides all the information a user needs in a single page, based on the user’s specific domain or role. It allows the user to focus on the most important tasks, and view, filter, and react to information quickly." Really nice right? So what's exactly my GOAL here, to show you how you can "investigate" the standard ones for reasons like:

  1. You want to develop your own Overview page (and maybe there are already CDS Views that suit your needs, so you don't have to create everything from scratch);

  2. You want to "enhance" the data or even get to know how this data is selected (to use it somewhere else);

  3. If you're curious (like i am).

Let's take the Procurement Overview page for example (if you're looking for how to implement it, check out the tutorial here😞

As you can see, they come in Cards, and for each cards there is a specific data source (CDS View, AMDP, etc).

Let's take this card for example, the Supplier Performance Monitoring:

If you selected, it enter the "details" App:

Really cool, so how can i discover this data source?

I recommend 2 ways:

1 - You can use the /IWFND/TRACES transaction(that is a TRACE for all executed services by your User ID) and activate the Payload Trace:

By entering the details page, we can see the /sap/C_SupplierEvaluation_CDS call:

Every OData call that ends with *_CDS, it's coming from a CDS View. You can select the row and see the data:

2 - You can use your browsers Network tab to investigate the Calls (i recommend the /opu/ filter, to avoid all the other non related calls, like images, etc.):

Et voilà, you can see the same OData CDS call.

So what did we get? Now we know that the C_SupplierEvaluation CDS View is the data source for that specific Card:

Now we can use it in our own cards, CDS Views, FIORI Apps, etc.

Why don't you investigate the other cards and let me know on the comments the result?



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