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If you have to load Characteristic in SAP S/4HANA via Migration cockpit object Characteristic you can’t do it if allowed values more than 999. During file upload error message appears like on the picture. Data sheet ‘S_CHARACTVALUESSHAR’ (row 11): converting the field ‘Item’ to an ABAP-type failed. Cannot convert value 1000; value must be an integer with maximum 3 digits.

Checking corresponding source structure definition shows us that Item field has NUMC 3 Data Type. Obviously, we should just increase the length and issue is solved. But it’s not possible due it’s SAP object. Corresponding table field is gray even in Change mode.

There is OSS note 2870257 - SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: Characteristic - Characteristic values max to 999. Solution is to change data type of key field item to NUMC(4) manually, as TCI is not ready yet. Hence the way to get by is to copy Migration Object into you own instance. Please check out my post for detailed guide regarding copying of objects: Quick tips. How to change Migration Cockpit Mass Transfer ID. Once object will be copied you could change POSNR data type Length in following structures to let’s say NUMC(6) and continue characteristics uploading.


Now you have learned how to push the limits and fix bugs in Migration Cockpit objects.


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