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Once IDOC has not been generated correctly for message types like FIDCC2, especially for new company code at rollout project. The quickest way to check this:

1, EXIT_SAPLF050_005 controls whether FIDCC2 Outgoing IDoc should be sent out or not.

Here setting parameter NO_DISTRIBUTION as '1' will prevent IDOC generation for FIDCC2.
*Include ZX050U04
CASE message_type.
READ TABLE fi_document_header ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<fs_header>) INDEX 1.
IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
IF <fs_header>-bukrs EQ 'ABCD'. "custom check
no_distribution-boole = '1'. "not generate Idoc!

This user exit will be called inside FM: FI_IDOC_PREPARE.

2, Distribution Model setting for the new entity at BD64

The checking point when Idoc been processed:

Table model_data_c2 is the Distribution Model setting fetched by 'ALE_MODEL_INFO_GET'.

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