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Implementing SAP is an important challenge, both in terms of resources (people, money, time) and in business process. A lot is at stake and, for most of you, failure is not an option you can afford.

To put all odds on your side, you need a good methodology. One that will provide you with a realistic planning, a solid organization, a way to manage the process and control tools to detect and correct slippage before it becomes a problem.An important part of this challenge will be the data conversion.

Previous implementations of  SAP have shown that data migration can amount up to about 40% of the entire project. Poor data conversion will make your “Go Live” very difficult, if not impossible. This guide is aimed at helping you organize the data conversion process, which in turn, will lead to a successful implantation.

Here is a quick cheat on managing the data challenge in a small and medium complexity environment.

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