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-You can Select a diferent Docs order by date, date is a variable. The first date is for the start date search, the second date is for end date that you want to search.

SELECT T0.[DocNum], T0.[CardCode], T0.[CardName], T0.[DocTotal], T0.[DocDate] FROM OINV T0 WHERE T0.[DocStatus] Like 'O' AND

T0.[DocDate] BETWEEN [%0] AND [%1]

-This one help you to find Offer open sales quotation

SELECT T0.[SlpCode], T0.[CardCode], T0.[CardName], T1.[ItemCode], T1.[Dscription], T1.[LineTotal], T2.[SlpName] FROM OQUT T0  INNER JOIN QUT1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry INNER JOIN OSLP T2 ON T0.SlpCode = T2.SlpCode WHERE T0.[DocStatus] Like 'O' ORDER BY T2.[SlpCode]

-With this query you can find a purchase order when Doctype is 'S' and the mount is more a 2500

SELECT T0.[DocType], T0.[DocTotal] FROM OPOR T0 WHERE T0.[DocType] = 'S' AND

T0.[DocTotal]  > 2500

- You can add this query to alert, if you wanna know if your offer is more that 15000

SELECT T0.[DocNum], T0.[CardName], T0.[DocTotal], T1.[SlpName] FROM OQUT T0  INNER JOIN OSLP T1 ON T0.SlpCode = T1.SlpCode WHERE T0.[DocTotal] > 15000

You can add the functionality, you can adapt to your liking


Enrique Bravo


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