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This blog will help you to do configuration and set up of Master data to generate the inspection lots by using EWM inspection types 1701 & 1704.

While working for QM implementation with EWM integration, I struggled bit to get the relevant documents/ blog/ information to configure the integration between QM and EWM in S/4 HANA 1809. That bit of struggle made me to write this blog to help consultants from QM community, who are getting into S/4 HANA environment from ECC.

As you aware, we must use 1701 inspection type for incoming goods inspection and 1704 for Manufacturing goods inspection in S/4 HANA 1809 if the storage locations are EWM Managed. We must activate these inspection types in QM view of Material master as Like 01 & 04 inspection types, which we do for inventory Managed storage locations.

  1. Configuration:

Even though, we have EWM & QM in Same box in S/4 HANA 1809, instances are different, so we must do relevant configuration in “SCM Extended Warehouse Management”

1.1 Generate Inspection Object types version:

This configuration makes the generation of inspection document which create the inspection lot in S/4 HANA based inbound inspection process from the inspection rule.  We have different IOTs in S/4 HANA 1809 Like

OT 1: Preliminary Inspection Inbound Delivery

IOT 2: Counting Inbound Delivery

IOT 3: Q-Inspection Returns Delivery

IOT 4: Q-Inspection Product/Batch Inbound Delivery

IOT 5: Q-Inspection Product/Batch Warehouse-Internal

IOT 6: Preliminary Inspection Handling Unit

This blog is focused on IOT-4 so will see the configuration part for IOT-4

IOT 4: Q-Inspection Product/Batch Inbound Delivery: This is to generate the inspection lot generation from Goods receipt from Inbound delivery, Acceptance sampling, Presampling.

 Here we should have below entry for Inspection Object Type (IOT)

1.2 Maintain Inspection Object types version:

This configuration is to Define properties that should be used to search for an appropriate inspection rule and bring these into a sequence relevant for the inspection rule determination, according to the level of detail for your search. The roughest criterion begins with 1.

1.3 Warehouse-Dependent Activation of Inspection Object Type

This is the configuration to be done each warehouse. if business need early inspection lot, we must select presampling field. if Business want to do GR after inspection lot completion then we must select “Accept sampling” field.

Based on selection of I-Lot set up, Inspection rule need to be created which is master data.

1.4 Maintain Inspection rule Group:

By this configuration we can create the inspection rule group which can be maintained in inspection rule and Warehouse execution tab of Material master data so that we can make use of the relevant inspection rule for the material which falls under the same category.

1.5 Define Work centre

This configuration is required to take the usage decision at handling unit level for each Warehouse otherwise stock posting will not be happening through follow up action.

Follow above path and Maintain the work centre for warehouse

1.6 Define follow up actions

Follow up actions are Mandatory configuration, which we must assign to UD code for EWM inspection type.  Use the below path to configure the follow up actions

Here we have standard follow up action given by SAP. Each follow up action contains relevant Function module, which post the stock in background to defined stock type.

Standard Function modules are assigned to standard follow actions as below



1.7 Configuration of Code groups for Usage decision

We must maintain the code groups for usage decision so that we can use those Code groups while doing usage decision for inspection lot.

1.8 Edit Selected Sets for Usage Decisions

 We must maintain the selection sets for each plant with above configured code groups.

As mentioned above do the new entries for each plant

Here we must maintain the follow up action for each selected set code as mentioned below

1.9 Assign Logistical Follow-Up Actions

We must assign the follow-up actions for each warehouse. These follow-up actions call the function module which is assigned for follow up action which will happen in background.

same way, we must assign the remaining follow-up actions for each warehouse so that when we do usage decision, system call the assigned follow-up actions to post the stock from Quality inspection to relevant stock type based on UD code.

2.Master data Set Up

2.1 We must activate EWM inspection types like 1701 for incoming goods against PO and 1704 for Goods receipt from Production order/ Process order

2.2 We must create the inspection plan with usage 9 for the material

2.3 we must create the inspection rule with for each warehouse wherever QM needed. For more details about inspection rule you can look in the below blog


After Maintaining the above-mentioned configuration and Master data set up, we can perform the inspection lot Processing as per the below Process flow.

Conclusion: By following mentioned configuration and Master data set up, we can complete the QM integration with EWM with respect to Goods receipt process from inbound delivery
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