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In this blog post, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

SAP Business One and its partners focus has always been towards providing clients with the best of upcoming technologies that could be leveraged in enhancing business operations and better customer services. Hence, when we started working for this challenge we had a pretty clear idea of what kind of solution we want to position.

A solution that would take advantage of AI/ML technology and help automate QC process with better accuracy and less human interference.

Here we figured out the need for accuracy in Quality Check process during manufacturing and that’s how the idea to develop a vision based AI/ML solutions that would automate the QC process and push values directly to SAP Business One raised.

QCNext:- a vision based AI/ML "Quality Check" Solution powered by SAP Business One

'QC Next' is a vision based defect detection system powered by AI/ML technology. The solution intends to update real time QC information in SAP Business One and generate alerts based on configured thresholds.


Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

One of Our Client who is into juice production will be exploring the solutions for their ‘Raw Material QC’ process

Persona Identified:

The solution enables automation of end to end QC process with real time, accurate and fast QC within set tolerance limits. Thereby helps to improve manufacturing process and product quality and brand image in the market.

Pain Points:

Large stock of fruits need to checked for freshness and make sure that defective fruits are not taken for further process. All this is done manually

In Current manual QC process a person standing beside the cleaning belt monitors is and there are chances that some of the units might go unnoticed. Also it requires continues concentration which becomes difficult for human eye for entire 8 hour shift. Also while noting these parameters sometimes there are human errors.

Industry focus:

Our target market is entire manufacturing sector wherever QC process can be automated using QC Next solution and integrated with SAP Business One.

Solution Details:

QCNext will add business value by automating end to end QC process with real time, accurate and fast QC within set tolerance limits and improve manufacturing process, product quality and brand image in the market.

Solution Technology

Open source AI/ML technologies and SAP Business One Service Layer

Road Map

The solution will currently be in pilot phase for next 6 months. We are planning to train model for all kind of raw materials that the client uses. We plan to enhance this product further to deliver more accurate defect detection for a large range of finished goods in manufacturing sector.


Our vision for QCNext is to expand its capabilities by not only covering production but other internal business value chain aspects like

  • Goods Inward QC

  • Post-Production Finished Goods QC

  • Dispatch Outward QC

"NexGen QC with Automation, Accuracy & Integration"

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