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QA32  - ERROR Screen shot

Reason for the issue: Process order confirmed at  operation level ....


Suppose if  the process order having two Operations like 10 and 20...

IF we confirmed process order operation 10; and  operation 20 was not confirmed then we can not transfer stock from quality to un-restricted using QA32/QA11

Figure1-  you can see the Process Order Operations using COR3

Additional Information - How to do Operational Level confirmation for the process order


STEP2: Enter the process order number... in input feild....

STEP3: Enter Operation number : for eg. 20 and press enter it will take you to next screen

STEP4: click on final confirmation and save......

As a result Process order confriamtion done partially at operation level...



1. Pease do the process order confirmatoin at headr level... by selecting the radio buton "Auto.fin.Confirmation" option in COR6.. then the quality relesed to  process order and get confirmed....

Actually the confirmation for process order should be done by selecting auto confirmation.. because system is not taking into consideration about final confirmation...........


STEP2: Enter process order no:1000316060 in input screen and press enter

STEP3: select ratio button "Autho.Fin. confirmation"

STEp4: Save....

2. Now do the Usage Decission for the Inspection lot using QA32 then stock will transfer form quality to un-restricted use..

Thank you..............

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