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Hello everyone,

This document explains the steps required to configure Version Management for Purchase Order in Materials Management module.

First we will set up Version management for External Purchasing Documents.

Purchasing Document Category will be F

I am using Purchasing Document Type PLRM

Don’t forget to check both  Version Active and Version 0 OK

Also select the Field Selection as maintained below. For Reason we will make it as Required Entry.

Now we will define Reason for Change. It is located in the same area in SPRO

Two reasons have been maintained apart from standard available reasons

Now we will set up change displays

Here I have used the required Purchasing Document Type with table EKET and Field name as EINDT

Which is basically Delivery date in EKET table

Now we create a purchase order, you can see version 0 has been created

After adding the new version, we do a change in the Delivery date

We give the reason as ‘budgetary issues’

Now we select the version and click on display changes

Here you can see the old value of the date delivery date is 29.01.2020 and the new value is 31.01.2020

This can also be done for the management of any changes in order value, quantity and any other important fields depending on the scenario.


If you have any queries please feel free to ask.