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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog post on the Partner Function in Project Systems. In this blog you will learn how to assign multiple partners to the Projects


In Projects there are various people involved. This may include the project managers, project owners, Store Keepers, Finance Personnel and etc. Normally most consultants use "Pers. Resp.No." (VERNR) field in CJ20n to maintain this information. However, the requirements is to add multiple ids with different roles. This is where the concept of Partner Function in Project Systems comes in place.

1 - Define Partner Determination Procedures and Roles:

First we will define the Partner definition in T-Code: OPSPAR1. SAP has provided Pre-Defined Partner Functions, however, you add more as per the business requirement. In the screen, we will define the function as Personnel No, Organizational Unit and etc.

2 - Partner Schema for WBS

Assign the Partner Functions to the Schema via T-Code: OPSPAR3.

3 - Assign the Partner Determination Procedure to the Project Profile:

When defining the Project Profile via T-Code: OSPA, you need to mention the Partner Schema which you defined above.

4 - Table View: V_TCSCR_PSP

Ensure that the layout Tab for the Partner is enabled

5 - Field Selection for the Partner Determination

Ensure that the field selection option for the Partner Determination is active in T-Code: OPUJ

6 - View in the Project Definition

After completing the above configurations, in CJ20n ensure that the Partner Determination Procedure is assigned in the "Control Tab" of the Project Definition then you will be able to view the "Partner Tab" as shown below:


I hope that I am able to share my knowledge with you all and I wish you best of luck for implementing this functionality on your projects.

Best Regards,

Anss Shahid
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