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Hi Guys

I have seen many threads about proof of delivery (POD). I want to share something about POD that how we can use this for two different business scenarios. In standard SAP you can see help documents stating that POD can be used for confirming material delivery to the customer and its quantity. There are some companies in which they sales process is different. I have two scenarios in my mind and which I have faced practically.


  1. Sale order created > Delivery Order created > shipment document created and goods dispatched with delivery note > material received and confirmed by customer > Billing document created.
  2. Sale order created > Delivery order created > Billing document created and goods dispatched with invoice print > customer received and confirmed goods.


For first scenario we can use standard POD functionality which you can see in the below links





For second scenario we have to modify the standard POD system and I have tried to control this through standard settings but I couldn’t make it possible. I have also tried to modify copying routine 003 which we maintain in header level copy control from delivery to billing but was not possible without access key which is not recommended. We can’t even make our own copying routine by copying 003 to edit the error message number which is mentioned there as you can see in below screen.

I was only asked to maintain POD date, POD entry date and time. There was no requirement of quantity or any other information because in my case material quantity is always same as delivered. To fulfill this requirement I had only one choice left i.e enter additional field in billing document. We can also use text for this purpose but in text user can enter date in any format and we don't have change log or entry log for this text. I asked my ABAPER to enter additonal fields in billing document header. ABAPER used append structure functionality and added three custom fields in VBRK table. I am not going into detail that how ABAPER added these fields as this is purely ABAP area. If you want to see how it was done you can check this in below link. The difference is only with field name and tab name. Functionality is same as I have tested this by myself after ABAPER has done this


With this I have additional tab with three fields in it. POD date field which is editable in VF02 even after accounting document is created. POD entry date and time which system maintains automatically and these fields are not editable in any way. We can also see the change log of POD date in standard chnage log of billing document i.e Environment > Change Log. Please check in below screens.

If I change this field then system will maintain its change log.

With this users can enter POD date after billing document is created and we can fetch this field in any report very easily. You don't have to go for VLPOD for the 2nd scenario.

If you have any other scenario regarding POD or you have any query please ask me in your comments.