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In some cases, we need to give some of our customers groups special features, specific discounts, and in sometimes for a specific period then this discount must be expired, according to that how SAP Business One 9.2 could match these requirements,

After we create a Business Partner Master Data, we must add him under a group of Customers/ Vendors or Opportunities, in our case now we need to add him under the Customers Group, after having all things done, we’ll assign him a Price List that in general we may use it for other customer groups, this was the first step, Creating the Business Partner Master Data and assign a Price List,

Now how we could provide our customers promotions, Special Prices, Special Discounts and how SAP Business One 9.2 could help us treat them all?!

From the Main Menu > Inventory > Price Lists > Discount Groups

in the Discount Groups window, under the TYPE section we have four choices to be considered; All BPs, Customers Groups, Vendor Groups, Specific BP,

in our case for example we need to provide a specific Customer Group special Discount, in doing so, we should choose Customer Group, then define the group that you want to provide them the discount that you want,

we could provide the customers discounts according to;

  • Item Groups

  • Items Properties

  • Manufacturer Code

  • Items Codes

In the Discount field, we can define the Discount Percentage that we want to assign it to the customer group, this discount percentage will be subtracted from the assigned price list in the Business Partner Master Data,

If we want this discount for a specific period, we can define the starting and ending point as showing below,

Then you can add it, and you’re all set ?


The Effect on The Discount Percentage When Discount by Bought Quantity Is Defined

For each item group you can define discounts according to either a specific discount percentage or the bought quantity in the following fields:

    In the Discount % field, enter the required discount for each item group.


This example illustrates the effect of the discount group:

If a customer purchases an item for which no special price has been defined for this customer, but which belongs to an item group with a discount, the discount is granted and entered in the order.


In the Paid Qty, Free Qty, and Max. Free Qty fields, enter the quantity that is paid, the quantity that is given free, and the maximum quantity that can be given free, correspondingly.


This example illustrates the effect on the discount percentage when discount by bought quantity is defined

The following discount group is defined for a particular item group, based on "buy 3, get 1 free":

Group Paid Qty Free Qty Max. Free Qty
Item Group 1 2 1 4


In the relevant document, when you choose any of the items that belong to Item Group 1, the value in the Discount % field is calculated according to the quantity as follows:

Quantity Discount % Total (LC) Comments
2 0 Unit Price * 2 No discount
3 33.33 Unit Price * 2 Pay for 2 and get 1 free
4 25 Unit Price * 3 Pay for 3 and get 1 free
5 20 Unit Price * 4 Pay for 4 and get 1 free
6 33.33 Unit Price * 4 Pay for 4 and get 2 free
12 33.33 Unit Price * 8 Pay for 8 and get 4 free
15 26.67 Unit Price * 9 Pay for 11 and get only 4 free, since this is the maximum allowed as defined

The calculation of the discount percentage is submitted to the general rounding method of SAP Business One.

To define new item groups in this window, choose New Group.

To reset the entries made and the discount to zero, choose Reset.

After you have made all your entries, choose Add to save the discount groups.

to download the complete documentation, you may find it via this link,

The Promotions and Discounts in SAP Business One 9.2


Hope this one help you,

for any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to contact with me,

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