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Reporting customer/vendor open items per profit center/segment

Expected Outcome

Reporting customer/vendor open items per profit center or segment

How can we get this and what are the pre-conditions?

Pre condition:

SAP New General Ledger is active

Document splitting of SAP New General Ledger is active and customized.

User is familiar to SAP functionality of SAP nGL document splitting.

Understanding about this topic is available at SAP Help:


An expample can be found on document under following link:

Example document splitting - vendor invoice splitting by profit center

This example deals about splitting per profit center and reporting vendor open items at profit center level.

When doing splitting at Segment level, open items can be reported per Segment.

Use Tcd: S_AC0_52000888 – Report Vendor liabilities per Profit Center.

This report can be found under:

Step 1:

Customizing for document splitting is available and tested.

This can be checked easily by taking a look on the table shown on the screenshot below.

We can see that SAP New General Ledger is active. Splitting method is set up in customizing.

Step 2:

Post invoice via Tcd. FB60

Simulating General Ledger shows following information

Then we check data in Expert Mode and also take a look into the LOG.

From Log we can see, that we have no errors

Then the document will be posted.

Post second vendor invoice

Step 3:

We run report for vendor open items per profit center with Tcd.  S_AC0_52000888

On the screenshot below we can see open items per vendor and profit center.

I am looking forward to your feedback and discussion.

I plan wrting a second/third part about reporting balance accounts per profit center/Segment.

All the best erwin

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