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Competency Mapping, Profile Match up and Training Need Identifications

Competency Mapping for Position

Choose the Position from the structure search




Choose the relevant qualifications

Assign the proficiency from the drop down and assign whether the qualification is “Essential” or not by ticking the option

Competency Mapping for Person

Tcode : PA30

Choose Infotype 0024





Choose the Qualifications that are relevant for the employee



Assign qualifications to Training



Choose the relevant training and double click on it




Choose “Allowed Relationships”

Choose A|028|Q

Put the Qualification ID



Put the proficiency




Also maintain the proficiency which will be imparted for each of the qualification if the training is undertaken

Profile Match Up and Training need identification


Also choose the Position against which the profile match up should be done.



Select List

System gives training proposals

Choose Participation to book the employee to the training

Book the employee to the training directly from this transaction by clicking on the relevant training and click on “Book”

Training Feedback/ Appraisals

Assign Appraisal model to Business Event

Tcode : PSV2

Double click on the Business Event

Go to Relationships


Choose relationship and click on create

Choose relationship

Choose from drop down the relevant appraisal model


Similarly an appraisal model can be assigned to the Business Event at the time of creating the Business event

Appraisal after Business Event has occurred

For carrying out feedback/appraisal for a Business event the business event should have been firmly booked

Choose the appraise/appraiser to initiate the feedback process


  The individual criteria can be evaluated by a rating from the drop down. In case of comments criteria choose the Note option


Click on Complete to complete the feedback process

The following message would appear


Choose Appraisal model


Execute the report. It will display the appraisals that have been done. The report can be run by choosing the person/event individually.