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As per Business requirement sometimes, we need to do the restriction of TECO or UNTECO (Revoke TECO) of Process Order/Production Order. For this purpose, we need to create Authorization key and Status profile after that needs to maintain it in authorization role (Authorization Key and Status profile).

Similarly for process order place of T code: CO02 need to use COR2 during the authorization role

We need to follow below steps:

1.Create Authorization Key: Authorization key need to create one for provide the authorization of       TECO and second for doing the restriction for UNTECO (Revoke TECO).

          T Code: BS52

2. Create Status profile: A status profile contains the individual user statuses and the business               transaction rules defined for those statuses. You can define multiple limit number of user status         profiles as per requirement.


T Code: BS02



Click on “Object Type”

Selection the object like production order/process order


Then save it


Double click on TECO then below screen will be shown

Click on Create Icon

Then save it

Double click on NTECO

Click on Create Icon

Click on Revoke Technical Completion as forbidden and set as per above snapshot.

3.Create new role: Need to create new role and assign the authorization key and status              profile. Same role needs to assign with user whom we want to do the restriction for           UNTECO(Revoke TECO)  the production order.


(Note: This activity should be done by basis team)

T Code: PFCG

Enter the role number and click on single role

Then save it

Click on Menu option and then click on " Transaction" Under Menu


Assign transaction code “CO02” for Change Production order then click on Assign Transactions

Click on "Authorization" Tab then click on  "Change Authorization Data" as per above snapshot.

Normally standard object automatically will be assigned with this role but we need more additional authorization object that's why we need to click on " Manually" option.


Need to add two Authorization object “ B_USERST_T and “ B_USERSTAT” and assign the Status profile " ZTECO" and Authorization Key(TECO and NTECO) which was created by us above.




Then generate the authorization

User Assignment : Click on "USER" option for assign the SAP User ID.


Assign User ID whom we want to do the restriction for UNTECO (Revoke TECO)


4.TEST the Scenario : 

Change production order

T code: CO02


Click on functions then " Restrict Processing" and Revoke Technical Completion


Above error message will be reflected.

Hence after creating Status profile and authorization key, based on Authorization role provided to particular user id. we can do the restriction who can revoke(UNTECO) the TECO and who can't do.



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