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The purpose of the blog post is to explain the Order change management functionalities of SAP.

The general concept of the OCM is to be able to handle the critical changes which happen between the production start and the delivery date.  Before the production start, changes can be controlled through change master, ECR-ECO/Engineering record, and by re-reading master data in production order.

In this blog post, I will show one end-to-end scenario where a BOM com component gets deleted in the production order after the production start. In the next series of blog posts, I will detail the configuration and a few more scenarios.

I am not detailing the configuration in the first blog. You need to have an overall profile (Configured in OPL9) which groups change profile for sales and production orders changes. This overall profile should be assigned to the material master in the work scheduling view.


Now check the production order for the material in mD04



We will delete a component from the BOM and check if it is updated in the production order using OCM.

Production order -  Component 13352 would need to be deleted through the OCM process.

Create a Change master in CC01 with an effectivity date. The changes to the order BOM would be effective from that day.

Change the BOM using this EC – CS02. Delete the component 13352

The engineer makes the changes in the BOM and releases the change master.

Order Change Management

T-Code: COCM


Click on the EC number and hit Execute (search for procurement elements). This may take a few seconds to pull up.

Expand the Change Number, Click on the production order, and Hit Process Procurement Element.

In the next screen, select the Order and Hit Execute. In the popup, select all three and hit Continue – the green check mark.

After it completes, the columns show what functions have been completed.

The production order is updated with the new BOM. The material 13352 is removed from the BOM.

You can check what changes were made by clicking on the Changes button. You can see Type as  "-,"  which means deletion.

Now the natural question would be how SAP decided under which circumstances it deleted the component? Because the order may be under different status (Operation/component/header). This is what will be explained in in next blog post.

Please provide feedback to share more such blog posts.
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