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Some manufacturing process involves manufacturing products in steps spread over several days. Standard SAP creates the Supply to Production tasks for all the products in one go which is not viable as the raw materials need to be added to the production floor over a period of time. To gain efficiencies, would like to be able to confirm the goods movement split based on Marks set up on a production order and tasks should be generated on a daily or periodic basis. Input Products that with different Storage Conditions will also be split off as their own Bundles.


The objective of this Blog is to provide a mechanism to split and create multiple goods movement bundles for the raw materials consumed for each Mark, Storage Condition and Location on the Production order. A MORO should be in ice to generate these bundles on a daily/periodic basis. Each good movement will be treated as a production bundle and can be moved multiple times within the site before it is brought to the production floor. All these moves need to be treated as a production bundle move and not as separate input products.


Consultants/Business Users/Beginners

Process Flow and Views:

Navigate Production Control WorkCentre>>Go to Production Control>>Select New >>Enter Product ID>> Enter Site ID>>Set Quantity for that product>>Release Production Order

Navigate Production Bundling Work Center>>Select Goods Movement WoC>>Fill all fields on Wizard>>Click on Finish and Close>> You will get Production Bundles against Production Order In Preparation Status

Now click on bundle button to create a bundle >>select the logistics area to (where you want to put the bundle).

If you want to Move any Bundle to from one logistic area to another logistic area, then click on Move button>>Select Logistic area to>>Check Stock overview to check that bundle moved to desire logistic area or not

Click on Confirm button to Confirm the Bundle ID>> After Confirm a Bundle ID you will see that Production Order task status changes to Started and Production order status also changed

I have tried to explain the process flow of Production Bundling. It may be helpful for those who want to understand the basic and advanced learning in SAP Business ByDesign.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas and comments.
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