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SAP Business ByDesign supports two types of product valuation: either on the business residence or at the product specification level.  When you first create a new product, it will default to the business residence type and as there is no other way available, it will need to be updated manually.

This manual process can be daunting, particularly if this is a new implementation with thousands of products being migrated into the system potentially increasing the cost of the implementation by a few days.

In order to ease this situation we have developed a new uploader to allow you to update the product valuation type setting on materials by using a very simple Excel template:

Product Valuation Type Uploader Excel Template


After saving this Excel file as XML data (a save as type option in Excel), we then use the standard File Input process provided within SAP Business ByDesign to process this file and update each material with the valuation type entered into the template.

The result is a streamlined method of mass updating your products and filling in a gap in the mass update tools available in SAP Business ByDesign or creating or updating product master data and because we are using standard processes the changes made to the product valuation type are captured in the material change log so ensuring all changes are fully auditable.

Here is a video of the uploader in action:


Further information is available on the SAP Store: https://store.sap.com/en/product/display-0000059533_live_v1/Product%20Valuation%20Type%20Uploader