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Product Design in SAP ByDesign


Product Design plays a vital role in any manufacturing industry. The purpose of Product Design is to create new variants or new products in SAP ByDesign System.

In order to understand Product Design in SAP By Design let’s consider an example : Consider a company XYZ manufactures Bicycles as its finished product. Here Production Planning will be running as per to the customer's requirement.

We will discuss three scenarios here and one by one the understanding will be clear regarding Product Design.


1.       Customer requires a Standard Product

In this scenario, a sales order can be raised in the SAP ByD system and the further processing like Demand Planning and Shop floor control documentations can be released and completed.

Once the product is ready it will be shipped to the customer. This scenario is a simple case which doesn't require any master data changes to be incorporated in the system.

This scenario can be executed with the existing master data records in the system.


 2.       Customer requires a Standard Product with some minor changes

 Let’s consider that a customer requires standard finished product (Bicycles in this case) with customer's logo and some stickers specific to the customer on the existing Finished Product. This can be achived in the system by creating a variant for existing BOM and changing the items of the BOM as requested by the customer.

Once the BOM is consistent and Active we will be creating Bill of Operation specific to this Variant. We will then create a new production model with the new Bill of Material Variant and the Bill of Operation.

Further to this process cost estimate can be run and production process can be executed. Once the production process is executed we can update the cost for this specific variant under Inventory and Estimated cost and the finished product can be shipped to the customer. (This can be easily achieved by using product specification)


  1. Customer requires a New Product

Let us consider a case in which the customer requires a Bicycle which is completely new model and needs to be engineered. For these types of cases “Product Design” comes into picture.

The below process is followed step by step


  • The sales representative creates a Product Specification as per to the Customer requirement and forwards it to the engineering team.

  • Engineering team designs the product in a CAD system. The design is carried out in a different system. This Design data can be brought into SAP ByDesign system with the help of integration with SAP ByD system.

  • In SAP ByDesign under Product Development Workcenter the Design is created and populated as in the CAD System through Integration. This design can be created in SAP ByDesign system manually also based on the products used in Design.

  • Once the Designs have been populated to SAP ByDesign system through integration we can review the same. By review we mean that the Production Team, Finance Department, Procurement team can review the components.

  • Once the review has been completed the Product Design is released.


A released product design is available for conversion into Production Bill of Material.

Once Bill of Material is created the consistency can be checked and the Bill of Operation can be prepared. Once these two activities are completed we can create the Production Model and the same scenario continues.


Any revisions in the drawings can also be incorporated as a new design version in the SAP ByDesign System.



Abhishek Ashish