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There are requirements to print a pick list from SAP when system creates a transfer order. Once a transfer order is created for picking, SAP has a capability of printing a Pick list on a printer based on applicable conditions provided by SAP.

Prerequisites: Printer need to be configured in SAP by BASIS team.

Following are the step by step configurations for printing a pick list from a transfer order.

Transfer order gets printed from the print code assigned in Warehouse management movement type. There are following important configurations that have to be configured for printing pick list from SAP.

  1. Spool Code
  2. Sort Profile
  3. Print Code
  4. Printer assignment
  5. Printer assigned to your Picking area/storage type.
  6. Assigning Print code to you warehouse movement type.
  7. Printing Program.

    Menu: SAP Reference IMG -> Logistic Execution -> Warehouse management -> Activities -> Define Print Control or Transaction Code: OMLV

Spool Code:

Spool code controls the behavior of Print outs.
For example: Number of copies/Print immediately/Delete after print out.

No of Copies:

You can enter ‘1’ if you just want to have original document to be printed, if you want system to printout original documents & also to keep a copy for future reference enter ‘2’

Print Immediately:

The system will print immediately as soon as transfer order is created.

Switch for printing immediately. Printing is immediate if this switch is set. Otherwise the output is held in the spool.

Delete after printing:

Switch for deleting a print job. If the switch is set, the spool job is deleted immediately after printing.
Otherwise it remains in the spool file for printing and can be printed again if required.

Sort Profile

The system can print TO using SORT profile you
can provide system different option of sorting TO accoding to the criteria
mention in Sort profile. SAP has provided upto 15 sorting options system will give priority according to
the Sorting Sequence you maintained in Table.

Eg: In the table, if you enter
data as follows into the first three sort fields as follows. The system will
sort transfer orders first by transfer order item (TAPOS), next by material
number (MATNR) and finally by source storage bin (VLPLA).

Profile for Sorting in the TO Print Process



System by default will sort in ascending order but if you want to sort in descending order activate the check boxyou can also have system to start new page when particular group gets change

EG: If you select TANUM in the the sort field, the system prints a new page whenever the transfer order
number changes.

Print Code:

Print code plays very important role in Printing TO. The print code is assign in Warehouse movement type .The print code defines the Spool(mention above),Form(layout of p), also decides if Printing for multiple transfer order or/and transfer order item can print together. You have to configure print code at the warehouse level. You can have multiple print code created for the single warehouse.

Process:- when particular warehouse movement type is trigger system identifies print code & print accordingly. Following is the configuration for the print code.

Printer Assignment

You can assign a printer to warehouse with the criteria of source storage type & destination storage type. If the material is moving from 001to 002 & TO should be printed in Printer name ‘LP01’ you need to assign Srce stor.ty ‘001’ & DestStor.ty ‘002’ & mention the printer name in printer column. In vice versa if youdon’t want the system to print on that particular printer for respective source storage type & destination storage type you have to activate ‘NoPrint’ indicator. You can assign a printer to each storage type. If you want the system to print in Source storage type printer you have to activate indicator  Print ‘Src  ST  Type’. In form column you have to mention the layout name(form) for your print layout.

Assigning Printer to picking storage types

You can assign a printer to each storage type for each warehouse or picking areas.

Storage type

Picking areas

Last steps are assigning Print code to the warehouse movement for which pick list is required

Assigning Print code to you warehouse movement type

Printing Program

You need to have to Printing program that will print TO periodically or immediately.SAP
system provides standard printing program ‘RLVSDR40’

Transfer order (Picklist ) can also be manually printed using transaction code LT31

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