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Hi Folks,

We have requirement where client wants to restart/transfer a spool job partially. Will elaborate this requirement below.

Current System: Mainframe System

They currenlty have a Mainfram Application developed internally which handles print jobs and assigns them which printer they should be printed on.

If a printer fails while processing a print job there is sequence number that is available in each page of the print job, considering the sequence number that is printed on the last page that got printed before the failure, user can reprocess the job starting from succeding sequence number using the mainframe application and also move the job to a different printer.

But for all this to happen the print file has to be generated in AFP format.

Future System: SAP FSCD:

We will be generating print file in postscript format, because we need to provide page code on the postscript file by which the printer picks the designated paper from the printer bin.

As far as I know SAP cannot generate AFP format print file.

We do not want to go the route of converting the postscript file to AFP, which adds testing burden.

Client currently has licence for Info Print Server but they havent installed it yet. Client had a conversation with IBM and they came to know that InfoPrint cannot handle partial restart/transfer of print jobs.

What I want to know is if anyone has experience with InfoPrint server, can you please tell me whether the application could show Part List of PDF spool request like it shows in sap using SP01 tcode. And does Infoprint have the ability to show at which part no# that the print job failed. In that way we can go to SAP spool and select that parts and regenerate the spool for the delta parts. And infoprint can divert this new print job to a different printer.

Or if anyone of you has any other alternate approach for this requirement, would greatly appreciate your inputs.