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In this blog post we can see how to control the Released PR's and how to protect the Old PR’s number which is released already, and the same PR’s number should not change while re-run the MRP using the planning mode as 3( Delete and Recreate the planning data) for that same materials

While run standard MRP system generated dependent PR's, Some PR’s we might released and not converted into Purchase order, Meanwhile we did some changes in any of the master data, After changing we are trying to run the MRP using the planning mode as 3(delete and recreate the planning data) in plant level is standard, In this case already Released PR’s internal number is overwritten (Means it was Changed the Old PR’s internal number into New PR’s internal number of dependent required quantity).


We can control the old PR’s internal number should not to be change by using two different ways, please see the below two scenarios.


Scenario 1:

If the Purchase Requisition is subject to a release procedure and if it can no longer be changed for materials planning according to its release status. As firmed purchase requisition won't touch by MRP.

In your release strategy will have a Release Indicator in that Release Indicator active "Firmed for Req. Planning" then system will firm the requisition automatically once it is released. "Fixed" purchase requisitions are not changed by requirements planning.

Steps to follow:

  1. Release Indicator Configuration.

  1. In MD04 screen we can see the Pur.Req internal number generated for standard MRP run of the material.

3. Run the MRP using the planning mode as 3(Delete and re-create planning data), After MRP run we can see the Old PR internal number Changed into New PR internal number with the same Quantity.

  1. After MRP run, I have Released PR using ME54N.

  1. After Released the PR, Then I have tried to execute the MRP using Planning mode as 3.

  1. In MD04 screen we can see the PR internal number remains same which I used planning mode as 3 during MRP, and Remaining PR’s internal number has been overwritten into new PR internal number.

Scenario 2:

For single PR, I have activated the Fixed ID in ME52N and PR Release is not mandatory in this Scenario, I have executed to run MRP using planning mode as 3.

  1. In MD04 Screen we can see the Dependent Requirement Pur.Req.

2.  I have taken one PR and i activated the Fixed ID indicator in ME52N.


  1. After activated the Fixed ID indicator, Just Refresh the MD04 screen, we can see the star        symbol (Means manually changes has been done), Which means if you want to run the MRP again, that Old PR internal number should not to be change.

  1. After MRP run using planning mode as 3, Old PR internal number not changed and remaining PR's internal number has overwritten into new number.



If we want to control the Old PR's not change into New PR's we have to follow the any one of the scenario depends on the business from client.


Thanks& Regards,

Dineshkumar S
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