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Introduction :

In some cases Especially in pharmaceutical industry customer required to insert Product samples  quantity in FG plan  but not reflect in the main Semi-finished product (Bulk Material ) because it’s already created in batches fixed /round  lot size  in other words sometime we got business requirements  about not to create receipt elements (Planned order /PR ) for Dependent requirements for some BOM components with specific products and treat it with other products normally ( generate Planned order  / PR  )


The issue:

IN MTS Environment customer require prevent creation of  Receipt element( Planned order / PR) for dependent requirements for one or more BOM component with specific product and treat it with other products normally (generate Receipt element)


we will use MRP area and BOM item detail data to run the solution


An Example :



-Create MRP Area For storage location



2-Assign MRP to the SF material master using ND as Planning Type




3-Assign Component in two different products BOM




4-In the BOM  of  the product that we wouldn’t  dependent requirements to be generated we will assign the MRP storage location in the component item details




5- Maintain PIR for the two Products  and Run MRP




6- Check Dependent requirements of BOM component  (MD04)

-Planed order created for the first product  dependent requirements (note i maintained round value in SF material master 1500)



-No receipt element created for second product  dependent requirements





7- Convert Planned order to production order and confirm it


8- after the GI of the semi-finished product to the second FG this how MD04 will look like




The conclusion:


By applying this solution you will be able to appear to prevent the system of creating Receipt elements for some BOM components with specific product and let the system to create it with other products normally.
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