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Source: SAP

This was a webcast SAP gave last week


You can view the slides here 

Disclaimer is shown above

Data Cleansing

"Start preparing your data early for a smooth migration"

Prepare your system; it depends on your scenario - greenfield, etc.

Start thinking of data quality before the migration

SAP said "Challenges: Master Data is often fragmented in isolated data silos"

Different divisions; it is "essential to get transparency of data records before migration"

Source: SAP

Understand your current master data; example is moving to the business partner model

Standardize and improve; consolidate distributed master data

Source: SAP

Verify quality of master data, rules to apply to data, to get an assessment

Source: SAP

Data Services can enrich and cleanse the information

Source: SAP

"Consolidate" master data governance with MDG

Check for duplicate records across the system

What is the "golden record"

Source: SAP

SAP Data Quality Management checks your data, structure and cleansing of data elements

Source: SAP

Ensure only data domain users are creating master data


Data Archiving

Source: SAP

Challenge of preparing the database to move to S/4HANA

What you could prepare and 80% unstructured, most are documents, possible to cleanse database

Look at GOS attachments to see if in database

Source: SAP

Check to see if you have documents in database

Source: SAP

If you have 2TB and 1 million GOS attachments you can save 600GB, 114GB archiving GOS saving

1.2TB HANA in memory database, $434K

I ran out of time and didn't cover process intelligence - fee free to watch the recording and review the presentation.

View recording ›

Download presentation ›


In case you want to watch some of the S/4HANA online SAP TechEd Replays from last week - start with this one:

SAP S/4HANA – The Next-Generation, Intelligent ERP in the Cloud

In this, here are some of the key points:

  1. Public cloud - quarterly updates

  2. Take customizations out of core

  3. Build customizations in SAP Cloud Platform via API's

  4. Fiori on user experience

  5. Guided and self-service UI's

  6. Cloud service is "pushed innovation"

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