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In the previous Blog "PREDICTIVE ACCOUNTING IN SAP S/4HANA 18.09 Part 1", i covered configuration steps for setting up Predictive accountings using extension ledger,

Using a process flow, i demonstrated that any changes on the sales are reflected in the predictive accounting

In this blog, we'll see the impact of posting Good Issue and Customer Invoice on the predictive accounting and we’ll see how to use FIORI Apps to monitor Planned and Actual data


1. Posting actual data and impact on predictive accounting

W'll continue with ou process flow started in Part1 Blog, using the sales order 8649975

1.1 Posting good issue

Delivery 0088516021 created and Material document 4900000009 posted

Material document 4900000009


--> In this step the system reduces postings of predictives good issue and predictice COGS


 --> The good issue and COGS posted to Leading ledger 0L (Actual values)


1.2 Posting Customer Invoice

Actual Journla Entries (0L ledger)


Lets see the impact of the customer invoice on predictive entries in ledger ZS

-->The predictive customer invoice is reduced by the actual journal entry for the Customer Invoice 

lets check the changes on the KPI apps

For demonstration purpose, we filtred on our sales order

The Chart is displying only Blue bar means actual values (actual revenue, Actual COGS and actual Margin)

In this Blog we demonstrated how predictive accounting simulates all the process flow based on a sales order and how the values are updated once good issue and billing occurs


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