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This blog post discusses the project roles related to managing SAP Fiori applications. Based on my and my teammates' experience, I'm sharing a practical approach to organizing project roles. This approach factors in the real situation of the projects coming from ECC to S/4HANA and ensures cost-effective app handling without unnecessary delays.

The post focuses on three project roles:
- Roles and Authorization Expert
- Functional Application Expert
- Developer
I have skipped the UX lead role suggested by SAP as ECC to S/4HANA migration projects often pass on it. Instead, I added the new UX lead tasks to the existing ECC project roles.

Below, I have listed the roles with their corresponding activities, and the specific deliverables for the two most popular requisites in S/4HANA projects: 1. Preparing roles and authorizations and FLP content management concepts, and 2. Adding new custom or extended application:

1. Adding new custom or extended application:

Adding new custom or extended application (1).png

1Prepares the new custom app or extension in the DEV system. Configures the target mapping and tile in the test catalogCustom/extended app objects developed, tile in the test catalog configured, and unit tested

Functional Application Expert

2Decides how to fit a custom or extended app (1.1) into the existing catalog (based on 2.3 and 2.4).List of the catalogs to hold the app from 1.1.

Roles and Authorization Expert

3Copies the tile and target from the test catalog (1.1) into the catalogs chosen by Functional Application Expert (1.2)Changed catalogs for building end-user roles with custom app entry.
Tile for new app available to end-users.

2. Preparing roles and authorizations concept and FLP content management concept
_Preparing roles and authorizations concept and FLP content management concept (1).png
Functional Application Expert


Chooses SAP standard roles as a template


The initial version of:

List of roles
List of catalogs
Mapping of catalogs to roles

Adjusts the list of FLP applications included in the project scope

Includes custom and extended apps
List of the FLP applications in scope
3Adjusts the roles, catalog list, and the mapping of the catalogs to roles

Adjusted version of:

Roles list
Catalog list
Mapping of catalogs to roles
4Adjusts the mapping of the apps to catalogsAn adjusted version of mapping of apps to catalogs
5Maps roles to positions in the company organizationRoles mapped to positions in the company organization

Roles and Authorization Expert

6Prepares Roles and Authorization conceptRoles and Authorization concept
7Prepares FLP content management conceptFLP content management concept.
8Gets the list of end-users and their assignment to positions in the company organizationList of the end-users
Mapping of the end-users to positions
9Prepares FLP content configuration (using 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.8)FLP content configuration ready for end users

I'm curious to hear your opinions on this approach - feel free to comment or contact me on Linkedin.

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