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Are you bored of running capacity planning in addition to running the MRP live. Here is the way to avoid it by using the SAP PPDS which is now included in S/4 HANA itself. (Since 2016)

System Architecture:

Previously PPDS was with APO system which is separate from ECC

(Like how we are logging in to DEV and QAS system separately)

APO system will have separate credentials and ECC will have separate credentials.

ECC now S/4 HANA - consider it as a execution system. PP Master data will be stored here and moved to APO system via CIF for planning.

APO PPDS now embedded in S/4 HANA. - Once it got the data from ECC it will do the planning by considering the capacity, relationships between phases, queue time, inter operations time and create a temporary transactional data with temporary number range and move it to ECC.

In ECC the temporary transactional data (Planned order, Process order, Purchase requisition..) will be created as actual transactional data with actual number ranges and again will be transferred back to APO system to capture the actual number range in APO. later the confirmation, consumption will takes place in ECC.

Simply we will say sap APO as planning system and ECC as execution system. Now the PPDS is available in ECC itself and not like a addon.

We Just need to activate it. See https://blogs.sap.com/2020/05/06/sap-pp-ds-installation.-step-by-step-guide/

Actually APO consist of DP, SNP, PPDS, GATP. Out of which only PPDS is embedded to S/4 HANA

Disadvantage of SAP PP is infinite scheduling.

Advantage of PPDS is finite scheduling and it will be achieved at Planning run (like MD01N) itself.

Finite scheduling - MRP will consider the capacity. (Lathe Machine - it can work only up to a extend a day, So we need to consider the capacity and to create the order accordingly)

Infinite scheduling - MRP will not consider the capacity. (Cooling tower - In thermal power plant the steam need to be cooled after using it. The cooling tower will not have any capacity. It will work infinitely without any capacity bottlenecks)

In this blog I will explain how to avoid the capacity planning and how to do finite scheduling via PPDS on running production planning run.

Main Part:

Master data in PPDS will be said as below. It will be displayed with separate tcode.

Product - /n/SAPAPO/MAT1

Resource - /SAPAPO/RES01

Location - /SAPAPO/LOC3

PDS - /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU                              -  Note * always use /n in front of APO transaction

But the Master data creation for PPDS is same as like SAP PP module except some additional fields shown below.

Activating the advance planning checkbox in Material master and work center will create/transfer the data for PPDS.

Material Master - MM01

Highlighted fields to me maintained

Work Center - CR01

If you activate the advance planning all the changes in master data will be moved to PPDS Master data except production version, Which you need to move manually to PPDS after every change via CURTOADV_CREATE

You can see this blog for more details - https://blogs.sap.com/2019/03/26/s4hana-with-embedded-ppds-functionality/ 

Here PPDS activation and master data is clearly explained

Location - Plant and storage location you have to create extra in PPDS via transaction /SAPAPO/LOC3


I have created master data in PP as below

FG20 - BOM SFG20 1 EA - One Operation - Assembly FG20 (1 per day as per Work center capacity)

SFG20 - BOM - RAW20 1 EA - One Operation - Assembly SFG20 (1 per day as per Work center Capacity)


After creating the master data I have moved the PDS via CURTOADV_CREATE


Work Center Capacity - Should have finite scheduling - Same for SFG20

Routing - Same for SFG20


1st requirement for FG at 04.09.2023 - 5 EA

2nd requirement for FG at 05.09.2023 - 5 EA

Strategy 40

Backward scheduling

Calendar for reference - consider the week ends.

Running PPDS MRP - Production Planning Run

Now Running the PPDS MRP - Production Planning Run /SAPAPO/CDPSB0

While running it we need to use multiple Heuristics to achieve our destiny

Heuristic 1 : Stage-Numbering Algorithm for PP/DS - for getting the multilevel BOM

Heuristic 2: Product Planning (Comp. acc. LLevl Code) - To run the MRP as like MD01N

Heuristic 3: Enhanced Backward Scheduling - To do the detailed scheduling.

You can add multiple heuristics on steps displayed in the same screen.

After executing the Production planning run we will see the results in product view - /SAPAPO/RRP3 as like MD04 in HANA

Here you can see the date of availability of order has been scheduled accordingly.

Now we will see the same in Detailed scheduling board - /SAPAPO/CDPS0 like CM25 or capacity scheduling board in HANA.

1st sfg order starting on 15.08.2023

2nd sfg order starting on 22.08.2023

1st FG order starting on 22.08.2023

2nd FG order starting on 29.08.2023

We will see the same in COOIS.

See the basic start date of planned order. We reached our expectation of finite scheduling in PPDS MRP itself without capacity leveling.

If I run MD01N I am getting bellow results. Need to do capacity scheduling seperaterly.

In Monitor Capacity utilization app we could able to see that there are no over loads.

Not sure i am not able to see the data in capacity scheduling board.


I hope this may help you on knowing the Planning in PPDS

Would like you guys to see more relevant things using the link:


We would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions below.

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