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This document explains integration between PP module and Plant Maintenance (PM) module

Overview: Integration between PP and PM modules happens during following scenarios...

A) During Capacity Planning for work centers

Already Document has been posted by Our expert Integration between PP module and PM module by Kkumar

B) For tracking the usage value of PRT's

The below step should be followed for achieving the requirement.

Step 1- Create PRT using T.code & Assign Measuring point - IE25/IE01


Step - 2

Create Measuring Point IK01

Step 3


Create a measuring point document with initial counter Reading

Step 4

Create the Maintenance plan and counter for the PRT and enter the data.

Creation of Maintenance plan for the PRT (T.code- IP41)

Step 5

Assign the PRT in the routing.

Click on PRT icon

Select the Equipment icon and assign the created PRT to the routing and save it.

Step 6 - Create the Production order for the material using T.code- CO01

Step 7:- Confirm the production order qty using T.code - CO11


Step 8 :- Check the Measurement document of the PRT. [ T.code- IK17 ]

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep Kumar Praharaj

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