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At the time of inventory auditing, inventory general ledgers adjusted manually. Here inventory general ledger master without untick post automatically option system not allow the manual transactions.

The exception has been made for the accounts specified for the valuation postings when it comes to the 'Post Automatically Only' flag so that manual adjustments can be made to the valuation adjustment accounts via FBB1.

In this level it is possible to manually post to these accounts even though the XINTB (Post automatically only) flag has been set in the master record.

How to works post automatically without untick

Transaction FBB1 is explicitly excluded from the check XINTB (Post automatically only) you can also identify in source code at (MF05AFB0_BSCHL_KONTO_BEARBEITU)

Go to FBB1 Transaction code

Check the report level for example  FBL3N


FBB1 Transaction very helpful Accounting people. This type of transactions not disturb MM integration point of view.


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