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After system conversion, the same project will reflect in the S4 HANA system and we need to validate the data between both systems. Please follow the below process to execute the reports and validate the data.

Once the DTV tool is completed for all the reports in the ECC system. When the system is converted to S4HANA,

Please below points before executing the reports in DTV Tool.

  • If we maintain any server name in the ECC of the step of the DTV tool, we need to change the server name from the old server name to the new server name after system conversion then we will go to the 6th step directly and we will run the reports for S4 HANA.

  • If we do not maintain the server name, we can proceed with the 6th step directly and execute the reports after the system conversion.


Note: If we do not maintain any server name in the ECC system then do not make any changes in the above steps. Directly go to the “Execute Data Extraction” step and follow the below process.

Now select "S4H" and click on Run Selected as below.

Click on Yes

Refresh the page to see the result

The flag beside S4H should turn green.

Double-click on the Green Flag to view the extracted results.

Go back and double-click on “Evaluate Data”

Select RFKSLD00 (Vendor Balances) and click on Run Selected

Refresh the page to see the result, the flag should turn to green.

Double-click on the flag to see the result.

That above result tab will give us the result for our information.

Go back and double-click on “Summary”

Save it.

Do the same process for the remaining required reports as below.


Asset Accounting

  • Asset Balances

  • Depreciation

  • Depreciation Simulation (New)

  • Asset History Sheet

Under Balances

  • Customer Balances

  • Open Item Account Balance

  • Balance List of G/L Account

  • Posting Totals

Open Items/Line Items

  • General Ledger Line Items

  • List of Customer Line Items

  • List of Customer Open Items

  • Line Item Journal

  • G/L Account Line Item Display

  • Vendor Business

  • List of Vendor Line Items

  • Customer Sales

  • Vendor Line Items

  • Customer Line Items

  • Customer Sales (List Output)





In this blog post, we learn how to execute the reports after conversion and validate the data in ECC to S4 HANA system.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Please provide your valuable feedback.
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