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This blog post provides you with an overview of Point-of-Sale Integration with SAP Business ByDesign using Middleware.

With ERP Logic’s POS Integration Middleware, we can connect any Point-of-Sale (POS) systems with SAP Business ByDesign System to Sync required master and transactional data. The capabilities and strengths of Integration is errorless and automated sales operations. The integration scenarios include the exchange of data in both directions including Retail, Cash and Summary Transaction.


Customers need to transfer the Product, Product Prices, Inventory data from SAP Business ByDesign to their PoS System and sales transaction data from their PoS system to SAP Business ByDesign.


To achieve this ERP Logic has developed a middleware to integrate Point of Sale system and SAP Business ByDesign.

Design / Process Flow

The Integration middleware fetches the data from SAP ByDesign using Webservices or OData when there is a new or change in data like Product, Product Prices, Inventory and syncs it with SAP Business ByDesign using PDX mapping and web services.

Integration has four modules as below.

Product Integration

Product master will flow from SAP Business ByDesign to Point of Sales System

Inventory Integration

Inventory data will flow from SAP Business By Design to Point of Sales System

Price List Integration

Price List data will flow from SAP Business ByDesign to Point of Sales System

Sales Transaction Integration:

PoS Transaction will flow from Retail Pro System to SAP Business ByDesign


Efficient: Elimination of errors and inefficiencies associated accurate business logics and cloud solutions.

Time Independent: automated and timely execution.

Cost Effective: Overcomes the hurdle of expansive and complex solution by providing a low cost, easy-to-implement software offered as a service.

Secure and Reliable: Integration relies on secure handling of data between systems.

Customization and Flexibility: Configurable data transfer mechanism between the systems


The Solution which automates the integration between Point of sales System and SAP Business ByDesign in a timely fashion

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