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Years ago when I was a SAP and SCN beginner, was searching Google for an article which could explain me how various tables are connected in PM. Then I got a picture depicting the same. I did not remember the source even. Related searches afterwards never took me to that link again. But the picture remained with me. During several occasions of replying in SCN discussions I posted this picture, which members always were very happy to have. But in one discussion a member expressed difficulty in making out the names of the tables because of the low resolution of the same. Indeed there was a legibility issue. Low resolution was perhaps because I reduced the size of the source picture due to bytes limitation in SCN (1Mb). Then I did some editing of the picture (like PrintScr in 4 pieces and joined them together) which reduced the bytes to well within the limits, at the same time improved the legibility much better than what I got from net. That post is still being liked by the members who happen to visit the discussion. With a thinking that this information will be better searched through a blog post rather than to be in the corner of some discussion, this picture is posted here for the benefit of the members who are in need and haven't yet come across. For me  the objective is to preserve a knowledge piece.

Note: I remember this belongs to the times of ECC 4.6 version, but still is most valid to PM tables configuration of ECC6.0 and above. Obviously this information is equally relevant to CS and QM modules.

.... And here it is: (click on the image)

Also, we get good information about tables from this link by Pete Atkin: FAQ: PM/CS Tables

Thank you and Regards


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