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This blog post is for organizations across the globe considering in moving into S/4 HANA, there are still many open ended questions about how to plan the deployment and key things to be considered during the course of deployment. This blog gives an overview about available options for deployment of S/4 HANA cloud and important aspects to consider. Each of the topic mentioned below requires in depth understanding accessible using individual links given below

1. What are my SAP S/4HANA Cloud Deployment Options and how RISE with SAP offering addresses the same

2. What are possible SAP S/4HANA Cloud Business Scope

3. How do I prepare for my Implementation

4. List of Implementation Tools available for deployment

5. Security & System Operations to be considered

Let us review each of topics shown above in detail

1. What are my SAP S/4HANA Cloud Deployment Options

As of today (June 2022), SAP provides 2 Cloud deployment options for S/4 HANA - Public Cloud and Private Cloud

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Deployment options

Transition scenarios to S/4 HANA Cloud - SAP provides 3 transition scenarios as shown below

Components of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud - famous Burger example

Components of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

RISE with SAP : Core Offering - Rise with SAP is a comprehensive package offered by SAP for Cloud implementations. One single contract with SAP for all of the components involved in the package

RISE with SAP Packages: Core Offering

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Deployment of choice

Private Cloud or Public Cloud

Infrastructure provider of choice

Hyperscaler Data Center (AWS or Azure or GCP or Alibaba Cloud) or SAP Data Center or Customer Data Center

Business process intelligence

  • Process Discovery Summary and Process Discovery Solution (SAP’s Business Process Intelligence (BPI) portfolio has been enhanced by the recent acquisition of Signavio, a leader in enterprise BPI)

  • Signavio Process Manager & Collaboration Hub

  • Digital Discovery Assessment (DDA) - Quick qualification/Detailed Discovery/DDA report

  • SAP Best Practices Explorer for standard best practices

Tools & Services

  • Cloud ALM (CALM) for Implementation and Operations - CALM can be used as a compliment to Solution Manager because their functionality differs in some areas, but SolMan is NOT part of RISE with SAP and therefore require a separate license

  • Readiness Check & Simplification Item Catalog - Holistic system analysis and technical guidance on moving to SAP S/4HANA (Private cloud only)

  • Custom Code Migration App - Analyzes custom code in your on premise SAP system for compatibility with SAP S/4 HANA (Private Cloud only)

  • Learning & Adoption - SAP Learning Hub and SAP Enable now - Build and maintain your SAP knowledge and skills with digital e-learning content & collaboration in SAP Learning Rooms. SAP Enable now is an embedded application help, business process tutorials and other resources

  • SAP Launchpad Service & Mobile Start App - Mobile Start app is to access SAP Business applications from your Mobile Device. Currently works only with iOS, configurable via SAP launchpad service.

SAP Business network starter pack

Ariba Network - Digitalize and simplify your spend management processes on a single, integrated platform in the cloud

SAP Asset Intelligence Network - Collect and track equipment usage information in a central repository

Logistics Business Network - Improve freight logistics collaboration, goods tracking and material traceability with an open logistics network

SAP Business Technology Platform - Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) Credits

Application development and Integration (Integration/Extension/Process Orchestration)

Database and Data Management


Intelligent Technologies (RPA/AI/IOT/RUUM)

2. What are possible SAP S/4HANA Cloud Business Scope

Public Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Localization Coverage - 43 country versions and 27 languages

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Scope Highlights


Private Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Localization Coverage - 64 country versions and 39 languages

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, Private Edition Scope Highlights

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition Scope


3. How do I prepare for my Implementation

Digital Discovery Assessment - Quick Qualification

This is the first set of tools in the S/4 HANA Journey used by SAP Presales team during the discovery phase to assess Customer's current system landscape and evaluate if S/4HANA Cloud is a good fit for Customer's organization business priorities.

Digital Discovery Assessment - Detailed Discovery

After initial qualification, SAP qualifies the customer further with Known integration requirements, pre-configured Enterprise Management Layer (EML) scope, Localization and Legal Entities requirements, Business scenarios grouped by LOB/Industry requirements, Document priority,
phase roll-out, questions and notes for individual business scenarios. This detailed analysis helps to nail down to correct deployment model and scope

Digital Discovery Assessment - Report

Based on Quick qualification and Detailed discovery assessment by SAP/Partners, Customer will view the DDA report to review the findings and path for deployment

4. List of Implementation Tools available for deployment

Scenario Implementation Tool Public Cloud Private Cloud External Link
Application Lifecycle Management SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation Yes Yes https://support.sap.com/en/alm/sap-cloud-alm.html
Application Lifecycle Management SAP Cloud ALM for Operations Yes Yes https://support.sap.com/en/alm/sap-cloud-alm.html
Application Lifecycle Management SAP Solution Manager Yes https://support.sap.com/en/alm/solution-manager.html
Knowledge Enablement SAP Learning Hub - for all learning contents Yes Yes https://learninghub.sap.com/
Knowledge Enablement SAP Enable now Yes Yes https://www.sap.com/products/enable-now.html
SAP Activate and Best Practices SAP Activate and SAP Roadmap Viewer - Implementation Methodology Yes Yes https://go.support.sap.com/roadmapviewer/
SAP Activate and Best Practices SAP Best practices - for Configuration Yes Yes https://rapid.sap.com/bp/
Configuration SAP Central Business Configuration Yes https://help.sap.com/sapcentralbusinessconfiguration/SAP_Central_Business_Configuration_Overview.pdf
Configuration - New implementation SAP Solution Builder - Deploy SAP Best practices Yes https://go.support.sap.com/roadmapviewer/
Configuration - System conversion Maintenance Planner, SI-Check and Custom Code Migration Yes https://go.support.sap.com/roadmapviewer/
Integration SAP API Business Hub - for Integrations Yes Yes https://api.sap.com/
Extensions Fiori Apps Library - In App and Side-by-Side Extensions with BTP Yes Yes https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer
Data Migration Data Migration Cockpit Yes Yes http://help.sap.com/S4_OP_DM
Business process testing Test Automation in S/4 HANA Cloud Yes Yes https://community.sap.com/topics/s4hana-cloud/automation-testing
Business process testing Tricentis Test Automation for SAP - Public and Private Cloud Yes Yes https://www.tricentis.com/sap/
Organizational Change Management (OCM) Organizational Change Management (OCM) Yes Yes https://go.support.sap.com/roadmapviewer/

5.Security & System Operations to be considered

Four Pillars of the SAP Cloud Secure Strategy

  • Security Standards Management

  • Comprehensive Contracts

  • Independent Validation

  • Secure Architecture

SAP Trust Center & My Trust Center

SAP Global Security Team

  • Physical Security Team

  • Security Risk and Compliance Team

  • Cyber Defense & Design Team

  • Product & Application Security Team

  • Security Enablement & Communications Team

Data Protection & Privacy - Implemented to protect data controlled by SAP and Customers

  • Line of Business Data protection guidelines

  • Internal Data Protection

  • Data protection management system certificate

Data Center Security - Physical security of Data center with help of security cameras, extinguishing gas, turbo-cooling units, transformers, heat exchanger, diesel generators, cooling towers etc

Customer, SAP and Hyper scalers

  • Customer - Business process configuration, Managing instance-specific settings and configurations, user & role administration

  • Hyper-scalers - Data center Security, Hardware, Network Availability

  • SAP - Implementation of resilient architecture, Backup and restoration of the instance, Configuration of virtual machines used to host the solution, Securing the Infrastructure, OS, container images, networking and applications, Operational and Security monitoring, Managing security incidents, Operating cloud resources, providing patches and solution support

Summary/Conclusion :

In a nutshell, the discover phase is the key where strategies are planned by the key stakeholders with the outcome from DDA tool. Organizations should involve their right experts/resources/partners (Functional/Technical/Cloud Architects/SME's/Basis) in this phase to analyze various SAP offerings (as laid in the above blog post) that matches to their Organization/Business goals to make an informed/suitable decision. SAP has provided abundant amount of resources to customers/customer partners to help them make informed decision in meeting their organization needs, organization's moving into SAP S/4 HANA should make every time/effort to go through these SAP resources for a successful digital transformation journey.


SAP Cloud Implementation learning rooms and live sessions hosted by SAP for Planning Strategies.

Pls feel free to use below community resources for more information on SAP S/4 HANA