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Hello All,

Hope all doing well,

After long time I am writing this blogs to give you all insights about Planning result valuation in Pegged requirement report (MD09).

Basically MRP calculation will be complex formula also will be multiple source of data as it was taking data from different applications area like sales order, Purchase order and inventory etc.. At the same time result of MRP will also be tricky to understand (Not all the case). Out of that here we will be seeing planning result valuation of Quantity without source in Pegged requirement report (MD09).

Some time we can see Quantity without source will be have value in MD09 report, we tend to raise to question ourselves on this regard.

In general Post to MRP we don't see any value in Quantity without source eventually MRP will always to guides as to get right material at right time. Means you will be not any value in Quantity without source in MD09.

Post to MRP result MD09

After the MRP if any modification/deletion of Qty in pegged required, will leads to display qty in without source.

Demand data

In above screen you can see that I have removed demand from 04/2023, resultant of this modification, we can in below picture that Qty is displayed in without source.

Quantity displayed in without source


But if you run MRP for this state, it will vanish the qty which are there in Qty without source, as MRP will always trying to find an optimum sourcing if valid sources are determined.


Keep post your valuable feedback to make it more effective for us.



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