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HI all,

I have problem with Pipeline management in PI-Sheet (movement type 261 - P)

Two problem in detal:

1) The Characteristic PPPI_SPECIAL_STOCK is not automatically filled in by the system (error: No value assigned to characteristic 0055 PPPI_SPECIAL_STOCK in processinstruction 0000 for phase 0020. The control recipes are not created.) For generate control recipe I must be manually filled in this characteristic for all materials.

2) When I sent pI-Sheet with transaction CO54 an other error occurred :

     For document type VE, an entry is required in field Riferimento

=> Destination PI04 COCI_CONFIRM_MATERIAL_CONS cannot process the message

=> Message is not sent to any destination

If I carry out goods issue with transaction CORK this second error not occurred, then customizing for Pipeline is correct.

Can you help me?

Thanks & regards


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