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This is common requirement getting from client. I want to share this to all. I hope for freshers and users it is helpful;

Requirement : GR value and qty , IR value and qty and balances can be viewed on purchasing organization basis using the T Code: MB5S. User requirement is need results for this report automatically through mail to HOD every day.

Means every day for this report results need to send automatically mail with out executing manually.

The below are steps for achieving this requirement.

Step 1: create Distribution lists in SO23

Click on create button.

Enter name and title

click on f4 functionality in place of folder.

click on create folder

enter folder and name and click on enter

click on enter

click on Distr.list content tab

enter your mail id in place of recipient and Recip. type

Here three boxes is there , purpose of these is

1) Send Express :

If you select this field, this document is sent to the recipient as an express message. A dialog box then appears informing the user that an express document has been sent, allowing him/her to switch to the inbox.

2) Send Copy :

If you select this field, the user receives the document as a copy. This means the user receives the document for his/her information and does not need to take any action.

3) Send : blind copy :

If this field is selected, the recipient receives the document as a blind copy.


Step 2:  Execute Report with your requirement

T-code : MB5S

enter data in selection screen

Save as variant.


go to menu --> Program--->execute in back ground

click on date/time

select schedule start

and click on Period Values

Here you can select period values like hourly ,daily, weekly, monthly , other period means you can select job start  like every minitiues

Here i selected every 5 minutes i need  report results .

click on save.

Go to T- code SM37 :

enter Job name : * and execute

After five minutes you refresh the screen

It shows activity finished and it will show spool in the field of spool.

go to menu ---> JOB ---->chnage

click on spool list recipient

click on detail search

and enter and click on copy

click on F4 on recipient

and click on f5


You will get mail after five minutes with results of report.

Hope its helpful to all.

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