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Performance issues in HR programs may occur due to many factors. The issues may be related with data size, structural authorizations, missing index etc. These issues can be solved by creating index, running RHBAUS** reports or archiving.

You may sometimes observe performance issues in tcodes like PA30 or P40. An error like TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED or TIME_OUT may occur in the system. The cancelled program appears as SAPLRHAS. In addition, you may see programs LRHASF00,  FILL_STRU_TURBO in the dump.

This issue is caused by a recursion in HR organization structure. For example, org unit1 reports to org unit 2, org unit 2 reports to org unit 3 and if by mistake org unit 3 is binded to org unit 1, this indicates a recursion in the organizational structure profiles and causes performance issue.


HR recursion


One can find out recursion by running report RHSTRU00. And the recursions can be eliminated by  running report ZHDELREL attached to Note 0101831. Thus, the performance issues is solved.

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