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T77S0 configuration notes

Group for semantic PLOGI - semantic abbreviation configuration and use

    • PD-PA integration is switched on when this has a plan version e.g. 01
    • If it is blank, the integration is switched off.

Note: Version number 01 is commonly used for PD production plan version.  Other version numbers e.g., 02, 03 are used for trials of new org structure, before a version is approved and then moved to 01 or prod version.

    • If the value entered BTCI, and PD-PA integration is switched on, changes are not directly updated in PA; the affected personnel numbers are collected and used for the next RHINTE30 batch run.
    • If the value is blank or '0', change is transferred immediately.
    • If value entered is 'X', for a change in text for a OU, job or position, a new IT 1 is copied from the change date.
    • Else, when a new IT 1 is created later for the person, it will reflect the changed PD object text.
    • If value entered is 'X', the short text of the job is transferred to the IT 1.
    • If it is blank, long text is transferred
    • This is for the selection date for OM or PD texts.  If you enter 'X', the IT 1 will show the PD object text as of the current system date.
    • If it is blank, the old text will show till the system date is prior to the PD text change date.
    • This is used for org unit text and the use is similar to semantic TEXTC
    • This is used for position text and the use is similar to semantic TEXTC

A combined Help file is enclosed for the above for more information.

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