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Hello All,

ByD's standard payroll functionality is limited to reporting and compensation data. Most of clients in gulf region expressed the need of complete HR module. After several feedbacks for different businesses, we have developed an MCS addon completely takes care all payroll process in gulf countries.(Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).

Some of the features payroll is listed below:

Attendance Management: 

  • Track employee attendance day to day - real time

  • Automated salary process from employee attendance

  • Enhanced with leave management

  • Open for biometric integration

  • Overtime tracking and compensation

  • Automatic determination of employee leave, loss of pay and absence

Leave Management:

  • Leave Application - Apply Leave for self and on behalf

  • Leave Encashment - Convert leave to cash

  • Leave Balance - Track your leave balance

  • Approvals & Email Notification

  • Leave Master – Maintain the leave types, Count, Payable etc

  • Leave Re-join - Determines the employee re-joining after annual leave and LOP.

Payroll Run:

  • Highly customizable salary calculation for each company and country

  • Compensation Master

  • Salary structure for each employee

  • Grades

  • Increment

  • Variable Pay

  • Insurance, GOSI/PASI, Loan and other deductions

  • Salary Simulation

  • Role based access control

  • Periodic payslip generation with automated email trigger.


  • Full and Final Salary settlement for employee termination

  • Annual Leave and Loan Settlement

  • Air Tickets, VISA,

  • Feature to simulate Journal Entry Postings

  • Insurance, GOSI/PASI and Loan Deduction

Loan Management:

  • EMI Deduction

  • Open for banking Integration

  • Customizable as per company policy

Employee Hire/Transfer/Resignation/Termination:

  • Easy Hire and Fire

  • Clearance for Onboarding/Resignation/Termination/Transfer etc

  • Probation Process


  • Leave

  • Gratuity

  • Air Tickets

  • Periodic JE Postings - Accruals


Workcenter describes the overall payroll functionality


Daily Attendance Data


Sample Leave Application


An eight level complex approval process configured by one for our client for Clearance Certificate


Automated Payslip generation for employees and send to e-mails.


Image shows the details available for payroll team during settlement process.



Payroll module for gulf countries are readily available as partner addon for immediate implementation, also it describes the capability of Cloud Application Studio/ SDK to develop such modules.


For more details about addon please contact : senthilmurugan#about

Best Regards,

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