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                                                               SAP Partial and Residual Clearing.

Hi All,

Today I am going to explain the partial and residual clearing in SAP in details with an example and all the relevant screen shots end to end. This document I have created from SAP S/4 HANA 1809 which is not different from SAP ECC as well .

  1. In the Partial clearing: - Whatever may be the invoice amount, all the amount will shown as a open item and if you are going to clear the same then also balance amount will shown as a open item. It will not going to clear the Original Invoice amount as well as the partial amount, both will shown as open items. Refer all the screen shots of Partial Clearing - you will understand.

I book an invoice of Rs: 1000 /-, refer screen shot below: -

Now I go for Partial clearing: - by F-53. 

Now I am going to change the amount from Rs: 1000/- to Rs:600/- and check the accounting document and effect in ledger of Vendor: -

Below screen shot 50 is credit and 25 will be Vendor Debit: -

Now view the Vendor ledger: -

Now hope you understand that in partial clearing both the item like here – Rs: 1000 and the 600/- are still open and the balance get outstanding Rs: 400 /-.

Now I am going to clear the same vendor in Partial only, let’s see what happen: -

& Click on Process open item button and see,

As we already put 600 out of 1000 that is why only 600 will gets clear, if you put 400 as an outstanding amount then below line item of Rs: -600 amount will have to change else again 200 will be come into as difference, see below: -

So now we have put 600 beside of Rs:1000/- and go to document & see the vendor ledger what will happen.

So, 400 still gets open including 600 but only difference the document type has changed, have a look properly into ledger and compare with above screen shot of same vendor ledger also.

Now go for Residual payment clearing:- In residual clearing, whatever the invoice amount, at the time of clearing if you put + sign after the amount then Bank amount has increased and main invoice amount gets clear and balance amount will come into open items. And in the accounting document one new line item will come as a Payment difference ( 26 V D ). And if it (-) figure then you can understand by the below screen shots.

Now make the Residual clearing: -

In residual clearing there are 2 things

  1. Once you can give (+) OR (-) figure in Amount field, here we can see if it is (+) figure then what happen – Rs: 1000/- amount has increase see the highlighted figures and it will go into payment difference account (see below Accounting entry). Now save the document and see the ledger.

It means out of Rs 1000/-, 600/- is now open and the original invoice of Rs 1000/- has cleared.

Now go for 600 (-) at the time of Residual clearing: - First I post one invoice of Rs: 1000/- and then see: -

See below (-) 600- figure: -

Simulate in General Ledger: -

25 (V D), 36 (V C -i,e payment difference), 50 (Bank Account C), & Zero Balance (40 & 50 Posting Key)

Now post and see the Vendor ledger below: -

Now clear the vendor: -

& post it: -

And see the below Vendor ledger: -


So, hope you get the clear idea on those two clearing in SAP.

Thank You all..

Please share your comments if any.


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