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This is from another SAP User Group webcast

Don't forget to join us August 8 BI: SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics (Focus on SAP Analytics Cloud): Where to Do What?

Replay is here

Part 1 is here Introduction to the SAP S/4HANA Transition Road Map Webinar Summary | SAP Blogs

Source: SAP

Road map viewer is here

Time line left to right

Work streams to left

Each box is an activity

Super set of all scenarios

Clean up slide based on your plan

Source: SAP

Decide which activities should be done by SAP/partner

Source: SAP

Covers SAP services

Source: SAP

More about transformation navigator

Map to new solution - readiness check

New 2.0 check - all simplification check, and a rating

High level plan is created

Design Activities

Source: SAP

Activate solution - creating a sandbox version for Fit/Gap - first conversion

New implementations - set up sandbox, preconfigured content from SAP Activate, or SAP CAL, or model company

SAP CAL has sample data

Run design activities on pre configured system to identify deltas

Next step is Fit/Gip

- add sample data

- enhance configuration according to requirements

- identify gaps in workshop

The step after is to create a design

-UX design

-custom code

-data migration

This is documented in Road map viewer

Source: SAP

Service info sheets - in the road map

Source: SAP

More about SAP services

Source: SAP

The project plan

Source: SAP

More about the project plan template

Source: SAP

You can use the project plan with Solution Manager; check the read me file

Source: SAP

Steps to consume road map viewer

Source: SAP

Something to try on your own

Source: SAP

Have you used the road map viewer in your project?
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