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I searched for this topic in SCN but was not able to find anything in Detail about Parameter Effectivity.

Based on my experience I will try to explain about Parameter Effectivity and its usage and its relevance in any Manufacturing Process.

Parameter effectivity is used to manage multiple configuration of a Bill of Material and Routing to make it easy to manage all possible units using same super BOM and super routing.

When we need to manufacture a specific unit, the Super BOM and Super Routing is filtered to retrieve the master data relevant to that unit only. And this master data is assigned to the production order.


I will be starting off with a small example.

Suppose I have a change request which is valid for a certain Bill of Material. With this change request we can actually govern the time dependent aspects of the BOM I.e from when the changes will be valid with the help of the field Valid from Date. This is every simple and most commonly used scenario.

Now if we want to change the BOM based on serial number or customer I.e


For a car Manufacturing Firm Customer B always wants a vehicle with Sign Board of Driving School on top of the car. So as soon as Customer B is added in the Sales Order the BOM Item is selected. And making any changes to this via Engineering Change Management is also possible.

This can be easily achieved via the usage of Parameter Effectivity.



Effectivity Parameter

Engineering Change Management -> Parameter Effectivity

Effectivity Parameter is basically used to define effectivity types. Here we basically assign Data Elements to Effectivity Parameter either with as character or a number as the data type.

Effectivity Type

Here we basically accumulate more than one Effectivity Parameter.

Usage : You have to select the Effectivity Type when creating a change record so that you can define the Effectivity Parameters for which the change request is valid for.


Example :

We have various method to define the Effectivity Type (Standard or Company Specific)

I will explain you an example of all the above stated examples of Effectivity Types

Time Interval

We have change to be incorporated in the Final Product due to season or Festival

Eg: During Christmas the Umbrella Manufacturing Company has to Manufacture Special Umbrellas so that it can be only sold in that festive period. So I can change the existing Bill of Material with the Specific Change number for this Specific Period of Time


Serial Number Interval

We can define the validity of the items based on serial number maintained in the Bill of Material for the respective Items. I will explain how to maintain the Effectivity Parameter for the BOM Items in ore detail below.

Eg : A Mobile Manufacturer builds a Standard Phone. Now due to promotions it is actually changing the back cover of the mobile to a new colour i.e. Mat Red.

For this we can have a maintain BOMs with Specific Serial Number using Parameter Effectivity. And the same concept lies with the change request functioning as well.


Customer Specific

As explained earlier we can maintain the BOM Items as well based on the Customer, as well as the changes via change records can be done by mentioning the Customer in the Effectivity Type. Please refer to the first example which is used.

Here you can define the Priority of the Effectivity Type as well so that based on priority the system can determine which effectivity type to consider.


We can Define the Parameter Effectivity to material on the Basic Data 1 View of the Material Master.

We have a check box i.e Assign Effectivity Values.


Parameter Effectivity in BOM

Now while creating a Bill of Material you can select the Parameter Effectivity for each BOM Item.

With the BOM Item we have a tab as Parameter Effectivity.

Here we can Add an Effectivity for the different models of the component.

Now here if it is required for a component to be valid for all the possible values we can maintain wildcard (*) as well.

Using wildcard can reduce the system performance to some extent so it is advisable to use the wildcard for customer specific effectivity parameter.


Parameter Effectivity in Routing

While creation routing click the workspace button in the application toolbar and select the Details Workspace from the resulting dialog box. Here we have parameter effectivity information in the General Tab

Here we have two effectivity tabs available (BOM Effectivity and Routing Effectivity)

We have an option to compare two routings based on effectivity parameter as well which has ben assigned to operations. (It is available in more detailed form in SAP PEO based on version and effectivity parameter)



While creating Sales order under Extra we have an option for the parameter effectivity to be selected

Running MRP creates Planned Oder based on the Sales order with parameter effectivity

And finally same information from the Planned orders is transferred to the Production order with BOM and Routing based on Parameter Effectivity.

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