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It was always a great challenge for providing encrypted P11D and P60’s and send through mails to the employees. The more challenging thing is to print these forms and send them to the employees. In addition to this it is very costly affair for the business in both the above two scenarios. For encryption we had to rely on a third party tool to convert the PDF to a password protected documents and same is the case with printing.

Thankfully this year SAP has introduced a solution to enable P11D and P60 on Employee Self Service Portal. The solution is very easy to implement.


The SAP solution is released through Master OSS note 2106114. The functionality is delivered in the following notes

1. 2111102 - PY-GB: UDO/DDIC note for P60 changes for 2014/15 EOY

2. 2104126 - PY-GB: P60 changes for 2014/15 EOY

3. 2122631 - PY-GB: P11D report change to ESS P11D form display.

4. 2106115 - PA-PA-GB: DDIC/UDO note  for P60 form display on ESS

5. 2106114 - PA-PA-GB: P60 form display on ESS (this note)

6. 2126181 - PA-ESS-XX-WDA: Change Component Configuration for ESS GB

As part of the solution SAP has introduced a new table V_HRESS_T7GB_ESS. The table should be configured with the P11D and P60 form names, the years for which they are supposed to be generated and the name of the Printer to view the PDF form

Note: Please note that the forms prior to 2014 cannot be generated through this solution

After applying the above notes we have done the following additional changes.

As part of the solution SAP has introduced two new standard Objects

The standard Objects have the following components delivered

Since we needed only the component related to P11D and P60 form display we have hidden all the other components except for UIBB6

We have configured the UIBB based on the requirement from our client, like the sorting order and the fields to be displayed

Configuration of Columns

Text to be displayed on the Portal link

Finally activate the web service in SICF

After completing the configuration the Portal looks as follows:

Click on the P11d & P60 form link

Select the year and click on Generate Form to display the form.

Note: The P11d and P60 forms should be generated in live in the system for the employee to view the form in portal.

We had to apply the correction note 2284337 to resolve the issue with the display of P11D form.

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