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Source: SAP

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change


So, why Intelligent technologies in SAP S/4HANA?  “By 2021 70 Percent of Organizations Will Integrate AI to Assist Employees’ Productivity“ - Gartner

Source: SAP

Combine with Qualtrics

Options to integrate with SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud)

Source: SAP

Why now

Always change

Picture shows story of last 50-60 years

Digitizing more of the documents

Will AI replace all employees?  For sure not now

Source: SAP

In middle of digital transformation

Forrester quote

New roles, skills

Source: SAP
To gain business agility then, you need the standardization provided by intelligent ERP: SAP S/4HANA.

SAP S/4HANA is the market leading intelligent ERP that helps organizations in all industries achieve unparalleled business agility, enabling them to meet ever-rising customer expectations, deliver new products and services, and manage resources more efficiently in an era of increasing market and regulatory demands.


Next generation, end-to-end business processes are powered by three key areas of innovation:


Digital Age User Experience based on digital assistance and natural language conversations for increased productivity and user satisfaction

Intelligent Automation such as artificial intelligence and robotic process automation increase efficiency and effectiveness while reducing manual tasks by 50% or more

End-to-End Analytics provide context aware, real time, predictive insights so users and executives alike can make better decisions, faster - Source: SAP

How infuse S/4HANA with intelligent technologies?

Source: SAP

New products

Mouth – conversational AI – to talk with systems in Natural Language

Brain – Data Intelligence, mimic brain, experience, good recommendations

Source: SAP

Conversational AI, seen chat bots

Digital Assistant in S/4HANA

Chat window for text

Co-Pilot – replatforming

Source: SAP

Build your own today at https://cai.tools.sap/

Source: SAP

RPA – new kid on the block

Go to rapid.sap.com

Shipping bots with S/4HANA

Link to S/4HANA bots: https://rapid.sap.com/bp/#/IRPA_S4HANA

Source: SAP

Machine learning

S/4HANA makes use of algorithms – embedded machine learning, directly calculate results in S/4HANA database – low demands on CPU/RAM

External – Leonardo Machine learning

Source: SAP

How does it look

On top of data put an algorithm

In S/4HANA, a set of scenarios developed, with a team of data scientists

Source: SAP

On left see S/4HANA system with S/4HANA system

PAI – create directly on data, everything on single box, on-premise and in the cloud

Right side is Leonardo with ML scenarios

Can incorporate 3rd party data

Source: SAP

Underlying technology of machine learning

Source: SAP

One of the many sample scenarios

Source: SAP

Train and adapt to your needs

Source: SAP

Out of the box scenarios shipped

Source: SAP

More out of the box scenarios shipped

Source: SAP

More out of the box scenarios; note that professional services is on the road map / not released.



Source: SAP

Planned innovation - centralized machine learning

Source: SAP

Where SAP would like to co-innovate

Source: SAP

Summary - S/4HANA is the first step.

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