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I’m Torben Sliwka and I’m a consultant at wOne Consulting, a SAP Business One partner located in northern Germany.

Today, I want to share with you my experience with the Ramp-up project of the new Release SAP Business One 9.1 at our customer Engel GmbH. Engel GmbH is a German producer of natural textiles and manufactures a complete program of clothes for babies, children, and adults. Engel works with SAP Business One 9.1 since August 2014 using the following modules: purchase, sales, inventory management, and CRM.

New options to customize user interfaces easily and flexibly

One of the major improvements in Release 9.1 is the flexible and easy customization of the system user interface. These new customization capabilities are one of the main reasons that Engel joined the Ramp-up Program.

Engel had a particular interest in the new feature “UI Configuration” that allows customizing the user interface by changing the positions of the system fields - to remove them from the screen when setting them inactive or reactivate them by setting them as activate when required.

Customization of the field positions can easily be done using Release 9.1 by simply dragging and dropping items with the mouse. Due to these individual adjustments, users are able to do their daily work much more efficiently.  

Recording of mass orders via direct Microsoft Excel import

Another key aspect for Engel was to implement the new capability that allows import of data via MS Excel. A major Engel customer regularly enters mass orders with hundreds of individual item positions. These mass orders are submitted to Engel via an MS Excel document. 

The new Release 9.1 offers the capability to integrate this order via an external MS Excel document into the SAP System in a seamless manner. The items in the MS Excel document can be maintained quickly and easily and can then be copied into the SAP Business One System.

Using the new Release 9.1, Engel is now able to handle those mass orders in a better way by using the enhancements in import data from MS Excel into SAP Business One where they can be further processed.

Participation in the Ramp-up program, nomination and implementation

The nomination of the project at Engel was submitted via the SAP online registration form for Ramp-up participation, and it took me about 20 minutes to fill in all necessary information. A few days later, we received the confirmation, that Engel has been nominated as an official Ramp-up customer.

The upgrade from SAP Business One 9.0 to Release 9.1 was done shortly before going live, and it all went well without any issues. SAP Business One 9.1 is productive at Engel since the beginning of August 2014. An extensive training for the end users was not necessary.

Torben Sliwka
Consultant, wOne Consulting GmbH

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